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Why Choose E-Cigarettes?

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If you are considering switching to e-cigs, but you are not sure if they will give you the full smoking experience, then you can rest assured, because they will. E-cigs are a better option than traditional smoking for many reasons.

Health Benefit

The main reason that consumers switch to e-cigs is for their health. E-cigs have been shown to be a healthier option. When you are smoking a cigarette, you are inhaling nicotine, which can increase your heart rate. Your lungs and heart can be damaged by inhaling nicotine, and it is what makes smoking so addictive. In an e-cig, you will not be inhaling nicotine, meaning that the likelihood of experiencing a heart attack or lung failure is much lower.

Convenience Benefit

Another benefit of e-cigs is that you can use them anywhere. Because they do not leave smoke in the air, you are not restricted to a certain smoking area. You will enjoy the freedom of stopping for a ‘smoke’ anytime you wish. Additionally, you will not get negative looks from passers-by, which can happen even if you are in a smoking area and a non-smoker is walking by you. E-cigs assure that you are bothering no one else while also being able to enjoy yourself.

Variety Benefit

When you choose to use e-cigs, you will be amazed at the variety of e-liquids available. Depending on the e-cig you choose, you may have a disposable one or one that you can refill again and again. Either way, the flavours range from fruity to sweet to fresh. You will see banana, coconut, menthol, and even tobacco flavours, all available for e-cigs from X2 cigs. These flavours will give your vaping experience a new touch as you try one at a time or take the opportunity to order a variety.

Not only will you experience variety in the flavours, but there are also three types of e-cigs available – cigarlike, ego style, and e-cig mod. Cigalikes are the most similar to a regular cigarette. They have a disposable part and a battery part, and you simply toss the disposable part in the bin when you are done. The mod style is for more experienced vapers and will not be enjoyed by first-time e-smokers because of its bulky style. The ego style and the mod style have flavoured liquid, whereas the cigalike does not have options like the other two do. No matter your tastes, you will find a type to your liking.

Cost Benefit

The total expenses of each smoker vary as it depends on how much they like to smoke and how often. However, if a smoker keeps their same smoking habits when they switch over to e-cigs, they will find that the cost – over a year’s span – is much lower for e-cigs. You will actually be saving money by switching to e-cigs.

In the end, choosing to smoke with e-cigs will benefit your health and the cost you must pay. You will experience great variety and convenience as well.

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