How much hair loss is common?

How much hair loss is common
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If you think that you are losing your hair strands then you are not alone in this race. There are many more women those who see their hair draining out in bathroom, or clumps falling out on comb, and usually freak out. According to the expert they say that losing hair is more than normal, but losing more than 100 hair strands per day is bit a matter of worry. In an average person tend to lose approximately 60 – 100 hairs per day. Losing hair can even lead to baldness. Many impatient people opt for hair transplant surgery because they cannot compromise with their looks and they want the results instantly. In that case hair transplantation in Kolkata is the only option with affordable cost. You can also compare the hair transplant price in Kolkata with other metro cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc.            

The look varies from person to person, if the person is having longer hair strands, then it may appear to a person that he is shedding more hair strands, and the hair are short they appear to lose less. If hair loss is in your genes, then you may lose more hair. In men with this kind of reason you may end up with bald spots, whereas in women you may find that hair on her top portion of head is getting thinner. This kind of hair loss is seen around at an age of 50.

What causes hair loss?

It includes:-

  • First and the most common is family history. It may pass to you from your father as well as your mother, and it is referred as male or female pattern baldness
  • Physical stress, illness from long term or high fever
  • Diagnosing from cancer, or treating cancer i.e. chemotherapy
  • Hair pulling
  • Tight braids, pony tails or using hair dyes
  • Yet important factor is Age. As you grow old your hair start shedding, it may even get thinner and can break easily
  • Dieting procedure, not taking adequate amount of nutrition, protein or iron
  • Disorder such as thyroid
  • Scalp ringworm, which is common in children

Apart from these, there are many different factors that can tend to cause hair loss.

  • As hair is a non essential tissue, it is considered as stress prone in body. On short term basis stomach bug, high fever, stress at office, or any kind of dieting plan can cause lot more hair shedding. Good news is that as you start taking care of your system your hair will stop falling at that point of time on its own and the lost hair will grow back on its own
  • Women observe that they lose their hair more in winter season, if you don’t maintain cleanliness especially in summer and winter your hair tend to lose even more. It is recommended to wash your hair at least twice a week. It is also possible that you may shed 100 strands whereas, your friend can lose 60 in the same case, and this is not a matter of worry at all
  • Another method that causes hair loss is highlighting the hair with different colours, bleaching, using blow dryers constantly, and so on. One should keep in mind that all these can damage your protein structure to certain extend. This results in weakening the hair shaft that leads your hair to breakage. Many of them have misconception that hair breakage can cause hair loss, but this isn’t true at all. Breaking the hair will only reduce your hair thickness. In order to stop hair breakage you can always wash your hair with shampoo that is free from sulphate and use deep conditioning hair mask for healthy hair, try including biotin supplements
  • There are many hair textures, hair colours that do not shed. However females with thick curly hair often use heat styling tools such as hair straighter, brush that creates more tension in between hair strands and results in more breakage and damage

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

Symptoms totally depend upon what kind of hair loss you have.

  • If you have hair thinning, your hair may fall
  • If your hair is shedding, bundle of hair comes out
  • You may lose hair from entire scalp known as general hair loss
  • If you lose hair from only one side then it can be termed as focal hair loss

Men are usually seen getting bald spots around their forehead or on top of their head. Whereas, women have hair thinning all over their scalp, almost at the top of their head. Since the main attraction in a person is their hair, losing it may lower down your self esteem and confidence. Teens and women are much more bothered about their looks as compared to men.

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