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Zea Relief – Naturally Relieve Back Pain

Zea Relief

Back pain is one of the most reported problem globally. Everybody experiences this. Whether you do hard labor, or you sit all day in the office, or even if you are a mother running around the house, you will surely experience back pain. According to statistics, over 12 million people every year will see a doctor or a health professional because of this.

            There are different options when it comes to treating back pains. Some are taking harsh medications, some are simply ignoring the pain and waiting for it to just go away. But if you check here, Zea Relief suggests natural but very effective ways to relieve back pains.

What is Zea Relief?

            Zea Relief was founded by Michelle Brass with the purpose of helping more and more people live pain-free lives. This is the world’s first product range that contains Kunzea Oil that has therapeutic and pain-relieving benefits. These products are specifically formulated to very effective and can also relieve the discomfort and also to reduce the inflammation that may be linked to muscular pain, lower back pain, arthritis, and also sports injuries.

5 Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Exercise. This can strengthen the core muscles that effectively supports your back. A good exercise regimen can also tighten the muscles, ligaments and also tendons that are located around your spine which acts as the support of the healing process and will provide relief in return. Exercise can also release endorphins which is the body’s natural pain relief. A simple exercise like walking, yoga, or bike riding can be an effective way to naturally relieve back pains.

Heat Therapy. Heat can interrupt the pain signals to your brain. It relaxes the soft tissues and also improves blood flow to these affected areas. A simple heat pack, electric heating pads, or a hot water bottle can help alleviate the pain. A warm bath is also another way to relieve back pain. You can get the most out of your heat therapy by adding aromatherapy to it. You can add a couple of drops of Kunzea Oil to your warm bath or to your heat packs to help relax the muscles.

Water. Using warm water is a common practice when it comes to pain relief, this is the most effective and suited for all budgets. You can immerse your body in warm water and your back pain will be better. It can provide you with mild resistance and can support your body’s weight to exercise easier.

Massage. When the other options don’t work, you can set a visit to a qualified massage therapist for a hands-on technique to relieve the pain. This is scientifically proven to be effective and has direct benefits for muscles while relaxing the soft tissues and increasing blood flow at the same time. Massage is also effective in stimulating endorphin production which helps your body relax and repair.

If you have back pain problems, you can visit a local healthcare provider to know more about the natural treatment options that you can work with before going for medications. Some people are able to achieve a certain level of relief with the natural options. Check here and see if you can follow one or a combination of the methods listed above to fight back pain naturally.

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