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Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Birth Control Method


Do you aspire to delay your childbearing capacity? Whether you want to continue with your education or career, there are different birth control methods that you can lean on. Unfortunately, no one is willing to take the risk when it comes to the question of the right contraception method. The idea is that not every technique you use may fit your specifications. Therefore, when looking for birth control methods, you should consult the gynecologists from LUNA MED SPA & WASHINGTON OB-GYN, P.A. about the important things to consider before narrowing down your list. The gynecologists will share the following factors to help you choose the birth control method.

Reversibility of Technique

Your long-term reproductive goal is a practical matter when picking the contraception method. It dictates whether or not you will expand your family soon. For example, if you are sure your family is complete, you should choose permanent techniques like sterilization. However, if you still want some kids shortly, reversible methods such as condoms should be your best option.

Side Effects

Certain birth control methods have potential side effects. For example, once you use hormone-based contraceptives, you may notice breast tenderness and weight gain. Therefore, when selecting birth control techniques, you should ask your provider about the side effects. Choose the technique whose side effects are bearable to continue living on top of your life.

Type of Your Relationship

Some contraception techniques can help you postpone pregnancy and safeguard you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Therefore, if you have a multiple-partner relationship, it is good to pick the barrier methods like condoms. Those barrier methods’ precise and consistent use will protect you from STDs like gonorrhea. If you have a single partner without STDs, you can use non-barrier methods such as pills.

Effectiveness of Technique

When selecting birth control methods, it is worth noting that some techniques work better than others. Notably, the most effective contraceptive methods are the ones that require the least of your effort for them to be functional. For example, IUDs are the most effective since your effort is minimal once the specialist installs the device. Other techniques, like withdrawal before ejaculation, are the least effective since they require self-control.


Your expenses on the birth control method are an important consideration. The cost usually varies from one birth control method to another. Therefore, you do not want to select techniques whose cost exceeds your budget. However, it would help if you remembered that the cost of certain techniques like tubal ligation might seem high initially but becomes affordable with time.

Birth control methods offer an effective remedy for individuals wishing to prevent pregnancy. However, choosing the right technique can be overwhelming in a world where many contraception methods exist. Fortunately, the above expert tips can help you pick the right technique for your health and lifestyle. For example, choose the reversible birth control methods if you intend to give birth shortly. Pick the barrier contraception techniques if you have a multiple-partner relationship. Selecting the most affordable technique is also good for your pocket.

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