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What most of us are concerned about is how to purchase and get Shakeology delivered at our doorstep without having to worry about anything. In the following article, we have focused on ways by which you will be able to order Shakeology in Canada with ease and enhance your workout to get that lifestyle change you have always been waiting for.

Shakeology is available anywhere in the United States and Canada through delivery and can be purchased from Wal-Mart, Ebay, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon and GNC. Though BEachbody is trying to make Shakeology available everywhere around the globe but customs are very picky and do not allow all forms of supplements. Basically, Shakeology can be shipped to the following addresses:

  1. United State
  2. P.O. Box
  3. APO/FPO
  4. Canada

In the following article, we will focus on how to order Shakeology in Canada. We have listed the step by step process by which you can easily order Shakeology in Canada.

  • Start by clicking on the link – Buy Shakeology in Canada

You will be redirected to the personal team Beachbody website where you will able to save a lot of money on shipping as tem Beachbody coach get great deals on their products like Shakeology.

  • Now Place your Order

The following example will explain on how to order Shakeology in Canada.


ü Select your favorite flavor: Choose from Tropical Strawberry, Chocolate, Vegan Chocolate, Greenberry, Strawberry and Vanilla. You can also select from combo packets.

ü Choose a Serving Size: 24 packets in one box or 30 servings in one bag

ü Select the Order Type: A onetime order or a Monthly Deal Autoship

  • Now click on the Add to Cart button and the page will be refreshed automatically.
  • After moving to checkout, fill out all your detailed information in the payment section and the shipping section and make sure you do not make any mistakes.
  • Now sign up for a new Customer Team Beachbody account. This is because getting a free team account will enable faster transactions later and you will also get a discount on shipping from the team Beachbody. Moreover, in the future if you purchase any form of fitness programs with Beachbody then you will receive a bonus workout DVD that is only offered to clients of Beachbody.
  • Last step is click on the ‘create account button’ and you can get started.
  • Now, Shakeology will be delivered to you at your doorstep in Canada in no time.

Why Monthly Autoship is Recommended

  1. Every month, you get shipping of $2 only.
  2. You receive 2 free Shakeology workouts after an order confirmation.
  3. You can stop your monthly autoship and make it bi monthly or even cancel your memebership with just one call to the Beachbody.

The best part is that you receive a 30 day money back guarantee and for whatever reason you are not happy with Shakeology you can send it back and avail a refund.

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